Book Review: The Christmas Box Miracle

The Christmas Box Miracle
By Richard Paul Evans
261 Pages
Finished 12/4/08


In The Christmas Box Miracle, Evans takes us back to his early days as the seventh of eight children, the sixth of seven boys, in an upper middle-class Mormon family living the American Dream in Arcadia, California. Undergoing a reversal of fortune when his father lost his job and was unemployed for nearly a year, Evans recalls the family’s moves to Idaho and ultimately, Salt Lake City. These relocations were to be the first of many, as the family’s finances ebbed and flowed through the years. The difficulties of these moves were compounded by his mother’s bouts with depression and severe PMS. A condition that was later treatable, but left Evans with a true sensitivity to the plights of others. Tracing his path from high school newspaper journalist, and missionary in Taiwan to entrepreneur, political campaign strategist, advertising executive, and first-time author, Evans recounts the challenges – financial, emotional, and spiritual – that he faced. But each of these undertakings were often motivated by his drive and passion of the time. He talks of his marriage to his wife, Keri, and of the birth of their daughters and how they inspired him to write The Christmas Box.

A couple of years after I began my yearly reading of The Christmas Box, I stumbled upon this little companion volume in the bargain section of the bookstore for just a couple of dollars. I thought perhaps that it was a continuation of the story, so I was surprised when I started reading to find that it was actually the telling of Richard Paul Evans’ experience of writing The Christmas Box. I LOVE this book…..almost as much as The Christmas Box itself, and I read it each year as well. I have to keep a box of tissues nearby because it evokes tears in nearly every chapter. It’s such an amazing story, and if you don’t believe in miracles after finishing this book, you probably never will. If you enjoyed The Christmas Box, I highly recommend that you get your hands on this book as well!

2008 Page Count: 9797


2 Responses to “Book Review: The Christmas Box Miracle”

  1. Halo Says:

    less than 300 pages to go. almost 4 weeks left. but the holidays are approaching and they require much time. can . . . she . . . do . . . it?

  2. Suzy Says:

    I have to admit that a long time ago when i first started blogging, I used to stalk your blog. You always have cute ideas and cute little things on your sidebar. But I am excited to see some book reviews! If only I could read all day!! Sometimes I do, and then nothing else gets done. I have read some of the books you have reviewed and I must say that you have good taste. Sometimes people lend you books and you can’t figure out what they were thinking. I will have to count pages next year, it would be interesting to see how much time I waste.

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