Book Review: Grace

By Richard Paul Evans
311 Pages
Finished 12/20/08


Grace is the story of a young runaway girl and the boy who hides her from a frightening world too large and unfathomable for him to comprehend. It is also about two brothers and the love that binds them together through difficult times. In some ways this is the most autobiographical of all my novels. When I was eight-years-old my father lost his job and we moved from our beautiful home in California to a rundown, rat-infested home in a poor neighborhood, like the one I describe in the story. Most of all, Grace is a story of a young couple learning to love.

If you haven’t guessed by now, Richard Paul Evans is one of my favorite authors. He really knows how to tell a good story! His newest novel, Grace, was another great read. I’ve heard many reviews that label Grace as Evans’ best novel to date. While it doesn’t quite reach that status for me, I did enjoy it a lot and devoured it in just over one day.

2008 Page Count: 10,622


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