The Obligatory Christmas Post

I’m sure that somehwere in the fine print when you become a blogger is the requisite that you will make a big ‘ol holiday post when all of the festivities have died down. Being the obedient blogger that I am, here is my Christmas post. I don’t expect anyone to do anything more than I did when I visited your blog, which is quickly scan through the pictures. But since the fine print also includes a clause that gives permission to post anything you want on your blog under the guise of “I’m writing this here because my blog is basically my journal, and I want to have this experience written down for my personal records”, I’m going to include a whole bunch of descriptions that will mean little to most of you, but a lot to me. Here goes!

We’ve had lots of snow in the last week or so, and Ryan has been loving it! With Joseph off work, we were able to take all three kids outside to play (I just can’t do all three by myself…maybe next year the babies will be able to walk through snow by themselves and I’ll dare to brave it). Ryan had a blast, Owen was OK for a while, and Emmy was happy as long as no snow got on her face.

Grandpa and Dedee came up the night before Christmas Eve for a visit and to exchange gifts. The gifts they got for the kids were a big hit! They gave us a beautiful picture of the temple with our wedding date on it. We had to laugh because when they were here for Thanksgiving, Dedee noticed my new picture on the wall–a picture of the temple that was distressed to look like a really old picture. Little did I know that she was in the process of making our picture for Christmas, wich has the same distressed look. The new one will fit in really well!

Owen’s ears had started draining earlier in the afternoon, so after they left I took him to the doctor. By the time I filled his prescription at the pharmacy, it was nearly 11:00 and we were both beat.  This was his second infection in about a month.  I wonder how many the poor boy had before he got tubes….he never complains about them, so the only clue I have is when they start to drain.

We spent Christmas Eve with the Z’s. Stephanie was able to call home from her mission in Australia. She sounded great and made the announcement that she’ll be coming home on May 5th! We ate lots of GOOD food, pulled together a little Nativity scene with the kids, and had a visit from Santa! The kids had a lot of fun playing with their cousins and their new toys. We headed home later that afternoon for our own little family Christmas Eve traditions.

I promise that the second Owen got the gift in his hands, he was totally fine.

After getting home, we let the kids open their Christmas jammies and then sent them to bed.  Ryan came in early Christmas morning. The babies were still sleeping, so we made him snuggle up and wait a while. When we finally heard stirrings in the next room, we sent Ryan to get them, with strict instructions that they were all to come directly back to our room. Emmy slipped by him, and when he went to get her he saw all of the gifts in the living room. He ran back and said “You’ve got to come see!!”. I had to run to the living room to grab Emmy and saw that she was happily playing with some of the things Santa had brought her.

Much to Joseph’s dimsay, I had to do Emmy’s hair before letting the kids go out. He thought that was quite silly, and I did too when my mom did it when I was a kid, but it’s different now that I’m the mom. See how cute she looks? Totally worth the few extra minutes it took!

The kids were really cute this year. Ryan was so excited, and Owen and Emmy had quite a bit of interest as well. They had a lot of fun opening presents and taking some time to play with each of the things they received. The kitchen was a big hit, and I know that it will get tons of use over the next few years! Ryan also loved his camera and has taken lots of….interesting….pictures.

The kids spent the majority of Christmas morning playing with their toys while we contemplated whether we should travel to my mom’s that day or wait until the next. The weather forecast was not in our favor either day, and Joseph decided that we should pack up and take off Thursday rather than Friday. The roads weren’t great, but we’ve been through worse. Thank goodness for 4WD! We enjoyed 4 days with my family, just relaxing. We watched lots of movies, and I was able to find some time to make a few bracelets for Emmy with all of the new beading supplies that my mom got me for Christmas.

We headed home Sunday afternoon, with a stop in Mapleton to see Grandpa and Dedee. Owen screamed most of the way home, which is always fun. In spite of the fun we’d been having, we were all really glad to be home. Joseph was still off work yesterday, and we spent the day catching up on laundry, cleaning out old toys to make room for the new ones, and just trying to get back into a routine.

During Joseph’s week off, Owen was his little buddy. He wanted little to do with me or anyone else. Joseph headed back to work today, and Owen spent a good 1/2 hour at the front door crying for him…poor kid:


With all of the fun we’ve been having in the last week, I’m in no mood to get back to real life. My house looks like it was hit by a tornado, and as long as the kids are having fun with their toys, I think I’ll leave it that way and face reality after the new year!


6 Responses to “The Obligatory Christmas Post”

  1. kala tolman Says:

    I still have yet to write my “obligatory” blog about Christmas! But I did enjoy reading about your holiday week!
    I absolutely love the photo of the kids wearing pj’s in front of their new kitchen with the stockings in the background. It’s a narrative in itself!!!
    My baby got the tubal surgery in November, and he has had 2 infections already. I only know from the drainage from the ears as well.
    I have spent the week deep cleaning and rearranging the kids’ rooms, in order to get rid of the old and make room for the new! After reading that you do it too, I wonder if we all do it! I have a rule that for every new item brought in to the home, an equal number of old items has to leave. It sure feels good when it’s done, but it’s like working in a disaster until it is finished! So, I know you feel!
    Glad you guys had a safe and enjoyable Christmas!

  2. Kirsten Says:

    Cute pictures! Ethan got the same camera and loves it! I’m impressed with your nativity costumes, they are much better than we’ve been able to piece together.

  3. Daniele Says:

    Cute pictures! I especially love the one of all 3 of them holding hands on the way to open presents!

    Logan STILL stands by the door and cries for Kayson on Monday mornings and after vacations!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Looks like ZOO-Christmas was total fun!!! I love the picture of the kids in the sled- super cute stuff.

  5. Halo Says:

    jenn, it was so good to see you guys! wish we could do it more often. love the pics. emmy’s hair is cute, but then so are the ones where their (ok, my) hair is completely bed-heady on cmas morning. love the christmas jammies, nate and willow had matching ones this year. probably the only year i’ll get away with it! and they were the same ones your boys were wearing!

    that blanket the kids are under is super cute. did you make that? it looks so warm and cozy.

    someday soon i hope to have a new blog post up. but we just got home tonight and i’ve got so much other stuff to do first!

  6. Ann Says:

    Love the temple picture. So cool. Looks like you had a great Christmas!

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