Bake 52 Week 4: Light New York Cheesecake

Whew! Baking from scratch is a LOT of work! Once again, I merely skimmed the recipe and didn’t realize that if I couldn’t find yogurt cheese at the store, I would need to strain plain yogurt for 10-12 hours to make it myself. Ack! Not an option when I needed to make the cheesecake that day! So, I opted for Greek yogurt, which I hoped would be strained enough to sub for yogurt cheese.

Then, I didn’t read that the cake would need to cool for 3 hours and then chill for 3 more before it could be removed from the pan. Since I didn’t start the whole process until 5pm, it was a loooooong night!

I decided to make the raspberry sauce on page 514 to top the cheesecake. I would have preferred strawberry, but the only strawberry recipe in the book did not recommend frozen strawberries, which was all I had.  The raspberry sauce was quick and easy to make.

Joseph took the cheesecake to work the next morning and by 7:30 I had a phone call with reviews from the piping group. Overall, the opinions were pretty favorable.

Brittany–liked the texture, liked the raspberry sauce, but thought it was a little too lemony.

Terry–prefers a more traditional cheesecake texture, but liked the flavor.

Earl–liked the texture, not crazy about the raspberry sauce, but liked the lemon flavor.

Joseph–same as Terry, though he tried a piece later without the raspberry sauce and said he liked it much better.

I saved a piece for the kids and I to share. Ryan was not a fan at all (though I think that was partially due to the fact that he didn’t want to try it in the first place), but Owen and Emmy loved it! I did NOT care for the texture at all and it was enough to keep me from having more than one bite. However, I really liked the flavor. I liked the lemon paired with the raspberry sauce, but I tend to like things on the tart side in general.

As soon as he finished the last bite, Owen asked me to make more.  I think next time I’ll look for a traditional cheesecake recipe. I mean really….if you’re going to eat cheesecake, you might as well skip this light stuff and go for the full monty.

If you’re interested in trying the light version, the recipe can be found on the blog of this week’s host, Talesha.


2 Responses to “Bake 52 Week 4: Light New York Cheesecake”

  1. Jen Says:

    I think you are so cute to send it to work with your husband!! I wish I could do that– my husband works from our home and I couldn’t stay away from it. 🙂

  2. Amanda Says:

    I started reading and thought to myself, Oh, I think I already read this…but then I remembered about what happened earlier in the week! The texture was a little different and I agree with Jen that it’s nice you get to send him to work with things. What a good hubby to take the thumbs up and down pics for you!

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