Bake 52 Week 13: Crème Brûlée

I’ve been excited about this week for a while for three reasons.  First, one of my favorite movies of all time is Amélie, and one of her favorite things to do is crack the sugar on Crème Brûlée (I would have included a clip here, but everything I found on youtube included inappropriate scenes….the copy we watch is edited).  Second, I’ve never eaten it before.  And third, I have a friend who received what she thought was the lamest gift ever in a kitchen torch and set of ramekins, and she gladly handed it over to me when I said I could use it.  Otherwise, I’m not sure I would have invested in a torch, so it was fun to have the right tool for the job.  After last week’s bomb, I hoped that this week would be a success.

Overall, the process of making crème brûlée is fairly simple and it didn’t take long to stir the custard up.  I skipped the authentic vanilla bean and went for extract instead….I have a hard time justifying paying so much for a jar that holds two beans! I don’t have a large roasting pan, so I had to use a 9×13 cake pan instead, which meant I didn’t have room for all of my ramekins and had some custard left over.  Aside from the space issue, using the cake pan didn’t affect the overall outcome.

Having never made custard before, I was a little unsure how they should look coming out of the oven, but I think I got it right this time.  After some cooling, we broke out the torch, sprinkled raw sugar on top, and started up the flame.  I wasn’t sure how brown to let the sugar get, so I was glad to let Joseph handle that part.

As for the final product, I think it turned out pretty.  I wish I’d had a strawberry to garnish the top.  For what I think of as being a rather high class dessert, there really wasn’t much to making the crème brûlée and I think I’ll probaby make it for a dinner party sometime down the road.  I’m sure it will come as no big surprise that I’m not a huge fan of custard (a little bit due to taste and a lot due to texture), so I was satisfied after a small bite or two, but Joseph’s co-workers were once again thankful for my participation in Bake 52!

Jen C. was this week’s host and the recipe can be found on her blog.  Thanks for such a fun recipe Jen!



3 Responses to “Bake 52 Week 13: Crème Brûlée”

  1. bekah Says:

    Your photos look great. I thought using the torch was such fun, too.

  2. Amanda Says:

    I am a little jealous of your palate and it’s not a surprise that you are so fit-looking! I hope you at least broke a bunch of sugar in honor of the movie. I guess we need to rent it and watch it on clearplay. They look great and Joseph did a great job with the sugar. His co-workers are lucky!

  3. Jen Says:

    I’m glad you tried it, texture aside! I thought it was so easy to make too, for all the “wow” it seems to be know for!! 🙂

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