Bake 52 Week 18: Classic Pancakes & Flavored Maple Syrup

This was a fun week and one that I’ve looked forward to as soon as I saw it posted as Jesse’s choice.  It was a nice break from all of the sweet stuff we’ve been making, and it’s always nice when a week of baking can knock out a meal as well!

I decided to whip these babies up on a whim one night for dinner.  As is proving to be the case for me on a weekly basis, I got started without having fully read the recipe and I was already combining ingredients when I realized that I needed buttermilk.  I had no buttermilk.  Thankfully, the cookbook included a cheat for souring milk to use in place of actual buttermilk, and it worked quite well.  However, I did buy some powdered buttermilk at the store the next week so that I don’t run into this problem again!

These lived up to their name, Classic Pancakes.  There was nothing special or out-of-this-world about them….they were just an overall, good pancake.  I subsituted 1 cup of the flour for whole wheat flour to up the nutritional content some.

What turned out to be our favorite part of the meal was the flavored maple syrup we made to go along with the pancakes.  The cookbook offered several options and the kids chose blueberry.  It was pretty easy to make and YUMMY!  Doing it again, I’d probably strain the skins out, but nobody complained about having them on their pancakes, which surprised me.

While we still love our fall-back, whole wheat pancake recipe, these classic pancakes will likely be going into the breakfast rotation occasionally…and the blueberry maple sryup will definitely become a staple at our house!

For the Classic Pancake recipe, visit Jesse’s blog!

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2 Responses to “Bake 52 Week 18: Classic Pancakes & Flavored Maple Syrup”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I have decided I might try this blueberry syrup with the rest of the maple syrup we bought. I really think we need your whole wheat pancake recipe. I might have said the same thing after the bread tutorial. 😉 The pancakes look great.

  2. Em Says:

    Love your syrup container. I need one of those now since I’ll be making flavored syrup all the time after this week 🙂

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