Bake 52 Week 21: Multigrain Bread

This week’s host was my neighbor Jen and she went with a super healthy recipe because she is super healthy and fit. The morning that I made this bread, she dropped her kids off for an hour so that she could enjoy the nice weather and go for a run. Did you catch that? An HOUR! That’s about 60 minutes longer than I ever care to run! And she knows me well enough that she predicted right off that I would be leaving the seeds out of my bread. As far as I’m concerned, putting seeds in bread would be the same kind of sin as putting nuts in other baked goods.

I was just slightly skeptical about how I would like this bread. Multigrain bread is typically on the heavy side and I like my bread a little lighter. It was a really easy recipe to whip up though and even easier to eat up. It’s quite possible that I ate at least 1/3 of the loaf myself. It’s OK though…I did it for the baby 😉

As I mentioned above, I opted to leave out the seeds.  I also put my oats in the food processor to make them a little smaller.  I figured my kids would be more inclined to eat them that way, but it didn’t really matter because most of the oats fell off whenever I cut a slice anyway.  The end product turned out really pretty.  The dough rose really well and made a pretty shape.  I shaped my loaf the way I typically do (pinching all the edges to the center, flipping over, and patting into a nice loaf shape) rather than rolling it the way the book suggested.  I used to make my loaves that way and I just don’t think it makes quite as pretty a loaf.

As I predicted, this was a pretty heavy loaf of bread.  I also made my regular whole wheat loaves that day and there was  HUGE difference in the weight between the two.  I’m afraid that for me, the multigrain would be a little too heavy to use as sanwhich bread, but it makes DIVINE toast!  Especially with a little peanut butter!

I will definitely be making this bread again.  I’m not going to hold its weight or the fact that it should have seeds against it….really, the only thing wrong with this recipe is that it only makes one loaf.  You should totally give it a try!  Visit Jen’s blog for the recipe!




4 Responses to “Bake 52 Week 21: Multigrain Bread”

  1. Jen O'Neal Says:

    We loved the bread over hear to Jen!! So glad it was a hit in your home. When I was deciding on the recipe I question the multigrain bread because I wanted you to like it, but then I realized the nuts could be easily removed. Win! Win!

    What a great idea to ground up the oats. It looks better then mine. I will try it next time because I had a problem with them falling off too. Maybe more butter and water on top will help them stick as well. I wonder if you could double the recipe and freeze the loaf after it’s made.

    • jenn Says:

      I’m sure it could be doubled, though I don’t think my Kitchenaid could handle more than that. I’m used to my recipe that makes 4 loaves at a time, so only get one for the same amount of work was a disappointment! And I’m sure it would freeze well…I have yet to come across a bread that we’ve been unable to freeze and use later.

  2. amanda Says:

    I didn’t think this bread would be half as good as yours but after making it and realizing it was delicious, I decided its okay to have 2 healthy bread recipes. I will probably make yours more often since I usually have everything on hand but I am sure I will make this one many more times. Your bread looks perfect (of course)!

  3. Michelle Says:

    I loved this bread, but I still need to try your recipe!!

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