Bake 52 Week 26: Black and White Cookies

I have been baking ahead in anticipation of our big baby day (I always go early, so better to be prepared even though we’re really praying for full-term this time!), and it’s a good thing because our computer crashed in the meantime, so I’m glad for a handy phone app and already typed up recipes! I have no excuse for the lack of pictures though.

These cookies looked really fun, but I admit some trepidation over the fact that I get really annoyed when I see a picture of a perfectly frosted cookie in a cookbook and then try to replicate that myself. I guess I’m just messy with frosting. But really, the worst part was that no matter how far apart I spaced the cookies on the baking sheet, they spread out and baked right into each other, so none of them turned out nice and round and smooth on the edges. They just weren’t pretty. Oh well.

It almost pained me to even frost the cookies…I ate one plain and it was soooo yummy! Putting chocolate on something so wonderful was hard.  And once they were frosted (which turned out to not be as hard a job as I thought it would), they no longer beckoned to my taste buds, so I didn’t try a totally finished product.  The kids ate them up and enjoyed them, and Joseph said they were good, but carried a pretty subtle flavor….I think he would have liked something with slightly more kick. He took what was left to work and the concsensus there was that as far as presentation goes (in spite of their lack of a pretty shape) these were pretty impressive.  However, most seemed to be a little underwhelmed with the flavor….not bad, just too mild.

If you want to try them out, the recipe and detailed instructions are on Janet’a blog!


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