Bake 52 Week 30: Lattice-Top Peach Pie

I was bummed that this recipe didn’t come just a few weeks later than it did so that I could use fresh peaches from my tree, but was happy when I got just the perfect number of them in my Bountiful Basket the week before we were to bake this pie.  I still haven’t ventured much into pie-making and have never made a lattice-top pie, so I was excited for the chance to learn something new with this recipe.

I really should probably try the pie crust recipes in the book, but since I know that the Betty Crocker recipe Amanda uses is pretty much foolproof, I have just been sticking with that.  I made up a double batch so that I’d have enough for the top and the bottom.

My peaches were perfectly ripe and smelled so yummy while they sat in the sugar creating their juices.  In the meantime, my lattice strips were in the freezer and the pie crust in the fridge.

The assembly part of the pie wasn’t really hard, but I could definitely use some practice.  I found it funny that the recipe wanted the lattice strips frozen so they wouldn’t break….mine were VERY brittle after coming out of the freezer and I had to be really careful handling them.  Two of them snapped in half anyway.  Oh well.  And my edges….yikes!

(This post is lacking in pictures because my camera was still in the car after a quick pre-term labor trip we made to the hospital…and I was too lazy to go fetch it…so phone pics is all I’ve got.)

Thankfully, pie crust is somewhat forgiving after it bakes… pie is still not perfectly pretty, but it looks better than it did pre-baking!

The kids were very excited to dig into this one, but they were really naughty the day that I made it, so their punishment was having to wait until the next day to have a slice.  When it came time to eat, I really didn’t have the appetite for pie, but I did take a small bite and it was pretty yummy.  We didn’t finish the entire pie, so Joseph took the remainder to work.  I was worried that a two-day-old pie would be received with reluctance, but I received a text first thing that morning saying it was a big hit.  One co-worker said the only thing that would make it better would be a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Talesha was this week’s host…check out her blog for the recipe.  Thanks for picking something so fun!

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One Response to “Bake 52 Week 30: Lattice-Top Peach Pie”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Your pie looks great. I am sticking with that crust recipe too! Every once in a while I have to try a different one just to make sure, right? 🙂

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