Bake 52 Week 37: Take Two

Well, I won’t say that my pizza was an epic fail, but it will need a do-over.  Even though I still haven’t been to the store for flour, I was feeling much better today, so I decided I’d attempt the pizza using whole wheat flour.  That part went well.  I’ll definitely continue to use it, or at least do half and half on the flour.  It didn’t rise quite as much as I would have liked, so maybe adding some white flour in will help that.

There was one main problem though.  I don’t have any 9-inch cake pans.  However, I did have a 12-inch cake pan, so I decided to just make one pizza using that.  And I think it would have worked fine if it had been a pan with dark, non-stick finish, but this one did not.  Which meant that my crust didn’t darken and crispen up like I would have liked.  It was still good….I could taste a hint of Pizza Hut in there….it just didn’t have that crisp outer crust that really makes a deep dish pizza.

There was also a secondary problem, one I didn’t anticipate, given the amount of oil on the pan….one small section of my crust stuck to the pan, so when I tried to slide it out, it tore and folded over on itself.  Oh well….no pretty, but still tasty.

I’ll definitely be purchasing some good, 9-inch cake pans before trying this recipe again, which will be soon for sure!


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