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Saw that coming…

November 6, 2008

I saw lots of teasers last week for the lastest “Staying Safe” segment on KSL about blog safety, and I knew that as soon as it aired, all of the blogs on my feeder would “go private” and I would be forced to manually check for updates on a daily basis (because one has to check for updates on a daily basis 😉 ). This post isn’t intended to knock those of my friends and family who have chosen to go private–I totally respect that decision and realize that it’s up to you to determine what is best for your family. The short segment on KSL (which I felt could have done a lot more to share safety tips than it did) prompted me to go back and read a post that I did a few months ago on blog safety. I added a few things to the list since I originally posted it and was happy for the reminder that it gave to me to tighten back up on a few things that I’ve been a little lax on lately, as well as implement some new changes that I feel will help my blog to be a little more safe. If you’d like a review as well, and have anything to add to my list, you can read the post here.