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How busy are we? It took me three days to finish this post. That’s how busy.

December 16, 2008

My mother-in-law told me that things must be very busy around here because I haven’t updated my blog in a while…and she was right! We’ve had a lot of craziness going on, and I’ve got a lot to catch up on. I’ll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible….and in trying to keep our lives looking as perfect as can be, I’ll leave all the bad parts out (you don’t want to hear about it anyway…Joseph’s expensive car repairs, followed by his car accident and the extra money it will cost us in insurance surcharges, the awful color correction that our Christmas cards came back with, or the day that Joseph’s phone was destroyed when the car door knocked against his pocket and obliterated the screen…and no, it isn’t covered by the warranty).

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the front rail on Emmy’s crib had a loose screw that needed to be tightened. The rail had to come off in order tighten the screw, so I decided that we might as well take the rails of and give it a shot with letting the babies sleep in their cribs-turned-toddler-beds. I had no idea what to expect. Two toddlers in the same room, behind a closed door, with freedom to get out of bed whenever they want was a little nervewracking! The first night was a bit of a challenge, and we had to put Owen back in bed several times. Naptime the first few days was a disaster. But, we’ve worked them into a nice routine. Bedtime is a breeze and naptime, while not as long as it used to be, has worked itself out as well. I think we’ll definately be ready for big beds come summertime!

It’s not uncommon to find them having fun together in the morning!

Thanksgiving was fun this year as well. We had a small gathering at our house and dinner was yummy! Joseph braved the crowds early the next morning to get a few items he had his eye on, and stayed warm and snuggled up in bed. Owen got a nasty ear infection and we had to take him to urgent care. We helped our friends, the Browns, move into their new home. I didn’t take a single picture all weekend long. Thankfully my sister did, so these are stolen off of her blog!



On December 4th we took the kids for a ride on the Polar Express. The movie was one of the first the Ryan ever latched on to and we took him last year and had a great time (after I recovered from the adventure of getting there). Since kids under 3 are free, we decided take the whole family this year. Owen was a stinker for most of the ride, but everyone else had a lot of fun. My mom, sister, and nephew came as well.  I have a ton of pictures from the train ride, so these are just a handful of the highlights.


We had our first big snowfall of the year this weekend, and Ryan has had so much fun playing outside in it. It brings back many memories of the hours and hours we spent outside during my childhood, trudging up the awesome sledding hill just beyond our backyard. I was beginning to worry that we wouldn’t have a white Christmas this year, but we definately will!

We also saw Santa for the second time this season at our ward Christmas breakfast.  Ryan was excited to sit on his lap this year.  We’ve managed to miss any opportunities to visit Santa until this year, so I made sure the twins had a chance as well.  Every child needs a picture of themselves screaming on his lap, right?

The next couple of weeks promise to be super busy as well, but we’re excited for the extra time we’ll have to spend with our families!  This time of year is so much fun, but I have to admit that I’m looking forward to some lazy days after the new year arrives!


Sneak Peak

September 24, 2008

18 month check-ups

September 2, 2008

Owen and Emmy saw the doc today for their 18 month well-child checks.  Owen was soooo good and Emmy was a little pill!  Just getting weighed was traumatic for her this time around!  I had Ryan with me and can I just say that I am so happy that preschool starts tomorrow??  He’s driving me nuts today and he wasn’t helping matters at the doctor’s office.  Thankfully, our doctor doesn’t seemed bothered by chaos!

Developmentally, both kiddos are doing well.  Owen’s improvements were fun to report and the doc was pleased with his progress.  However, he’s still having weight issues.  He hasn’t lost weight this time, but he’s not gaining much and his growth chart is showing a downward trend.  For now, we’ll just keep up the high fat/calorie diet and hope that he eventually starts to catch up.

They got one poke each and enjoyed their very first sucker for enduring it as well as they did!

Emmy’s 18 months stats:
24 lbs. 9 oz. 51st %tile
31 inches 18th %tile
47.5 cm head 74th %tile

Owen’s 18 month stats:
21 lbs. 9 oz. 4th %tile
31.5 inches 10th %tile
47 cm head 25th %tile


18 months

August 13, 2008

I can hardly believe that it has been 18 months since we became a family of 5! Isn’t it funny how the instant your family grows, you can’t remember what it was like to have it any other way? Life with just Ryan seemed hard at the time (and it was in many ways…he was a tough baby), but if I could go back–knowing what I know now–I’d have complained much less about all the energy it takes to be a mom! If I’d only known!

On the lines of energy, I’m one of those bad moms that deprives her children of the opportunity to learn the skill of feeding themselves. I’ll admit it–I HATE the mess!! It exhausts me to think about how much energy it will take to clean everything up after a meal where self-feeding has taken place. I’ve recently read on several of my friends’ blogs about their little ones learning to feed themselves….and they are all much younger than Owen and Emmy are. So, this morning, at the tender age of 18 months, I allowed my children to hold a spoon for the first time and dig into a bowl of yogurt. We bought new booster seats last night, so the trouble of cleaning up the mess from the cloth on the old seats was no longer there to make an excuse out of. I expected nothing less than a disaster, but the whole thing went over much better than I had anticipated. The mess was minimal, and most of the yogurt actually made it into their mouths. I was surprised at how well they were able to take those spoons and actually make them work!

Do I deserve a bad mom award for waiting so long to introduce this skill? Maybe. But at least I’ll have a nice clean counter to put it on 😆

Sorry…more of the twins!

August 8, 2008

Yep, another cute video clip of Owen and Emmy! They are interacting so much these days, and it’s so much fun to watch!

Twin funnies

August 4, 2008

Owen and Emmy were in rare form yesterday (particularly Emmy), and we caught a few of their antics on camera. You’ll have to excuse our half-dressed Sunday afternoon…and in the first segment, I was multi-tasking, so you get half of a phone conversation–sorry about that! They also shared their first brother/sister kiss last night, which we unfortunately didn’t get on camera. They’ll be grateful for that, I’m sure!


July 18, 2008

I have a new job!!

July 1, 2008

I’m a referree! The pay stinks, but the warm fuzzies you get when you see the players sleeping at night make it all worth it in the end. 

I love how, when all is said and done, Owen didn’t want the toy anyway 🙄 .

Maybe when my kids learn to get along I’ll have more time to blog…

Two little piggies

June 24, 2008

One of the things I love most about Emmy is her hair. I think it would be fair to say that I’m jealous of her natural curl! It’s been fun to see it grow and get longer and I while I wish that she didn’t pull her ponytails and bows out all the time (I think we’ve lost 5 bows in the last couple of weeks), her “styles” (as Ryan calls them) are awfully cute while they last. Today was the first time I tried pulling all of her hair into two little pigtails….isn’t she lucky that they curl out like that all on their own?  I’ll be taking bets on how long they last….the front of her hair wasn’t quite long enough to pull all the way back and it’s already starting to look a little crazy, but she hasn’t started tugging on anything else yet.  We *might* make it till lunchtime 😆


June 4, 2008

I’m not very good at writing down the cute and funny things that Ryan says, and there are many! My grandma wrote down lots of the things we said as kids and they are so fun to read now, so I’m going to make a better effort to keep track of things. These are all from today…

Out of the blue, and in a very serious tone, Ryan said to me today “Mommy, when I’m done growing up, can I be little again?”

It’s been raining today, and Ryan declared this morning that the sun was taking a break. After a long, boring day inside he said “When the sun’s done taking a break, we can go out and play?”

While doing our Scripture Picture, Ryan was looking at all of the destruction that came upon the Nephites and Lamanites before Christ came to visit. He noticed all of the sad people and we asked if he would be sad if our house was was destroyed like the things in the picture. He thought for just a second and said “But Daddy, you would fix our house. You could fix it with your tools”.

June 15, 2008:
It’s Father’s Day today and we asked Ryan if he could name all the fathers in our family….who is daddy’s father, who is mommy’s father, etc. When we asked him who his father was, he thought for a moment and said “Uncle Nick” 😆 . We’ll have him on a plane tomorrow and at your doorstop by evening Uncle Nick…enjoy fatherhood!

June 16, 2008:

Ryan woke up early this morning with a little bit of a bloody nose.  Joseph was just getting up to get ready for work, so he checked in on him.  He asked if Ryan wanted to climb in bed with me, and Ryan informed him that he couldn’t because the sky was still blue dark and he wasn’t aloud to come into mommy’s bed until it was light.

Ryan was hastily climing out of the tub tonight and slipped and hit his head on the edge of the tub.  It immediately turned into a bruise.  During his nightly prayer, he prayed that his “blue hurt” would feel better.

August 19, 2008

Ryan was playing downstairs and came up to tell me that he’d found a spider. He asked if I wanted to help him catch it, and I politely said no. He ran off and a few minutes later he came back to tell me that he had tried to catch the spider:

R–“Mommy, I tried to catch the spider, but it didn’t go so well”
M–“It didn’t? What happened?”
R–“Well, I tried to catch the spider, but he crawled up the water spout. Then, down came the rain and washed the spider out”

September 2008

The boys were in the kitchen and Owen started to push Ryan. Ryan nicely said “Owen, we don’t push”, to which Owen responded with a bigger push. He then latched on to Ryan’s shirt….he’s got a really good grip and Ryan was having a hard time getting him to let go. Finally Ryan gave an exasperated sigh and said “I don’t have time for you Owen!”.

September 20, 2008

We had been out running errands all morning and missed our usual lunch time. After arriving home, we started on lunch. I was starving and was being impatient waiting for my hamburger on the grill. I vocalized my impatience, to which Ryan replied:

R: “Mommy, are you whining?”
M: “Yes, I guess I am.”
R: “Didn’t Daddy tell you about whining?”
M: “No, he didn’t. Daddy, tell me about whining.”
D: “Nobody likes it when you whine.”
R: “Yeah Mommy, we don’t like you when you whine. Can you try again in a normal voice?”

September 22, 2008

We aren’t fans of Walmart, but once in a while (like once–maybe twice–a year) we find ourselves there for one reason or another. Tonight, I needed to pick up a few things, and it was the closest store on the way home. Joseph dropped me off at the entrance and I ran in for my two items. When I got back in the car, Joseph informed me that he and Ryan had had the following conversation (not verbatim, but as close as I could remember):

R: “Daddy, is this store stinky?”
D: “Yep, it’s a stinky store”
R: “Are the people in there stinky?”
D: “I guess so”
R: “The kids too?”
D: “Sure”
R: “Daddy, I’m not stinky because I wiped”

From this I can deduct that we’ve done two things right in our parenting–at the tender age of 4 years, Ryan knows that Walmart is evil and he’s also smart enough to wipe when he goes to the bathroom. Doesn’t get much better than that!

October 5, 2008

Ryan was singing “The Corndog Song” but instead of saying “corndog” he was saying “mommy”…

R: “Mommy, mommy, you are so good to me. Mommy, mommy, you are so good to me. Good when you’re hot, good when you’re cold–”
“Mommy, are you good?
M: “Sure”
R: “Mommy, you’re HOT!”
M: “Wow, thanks Ryan! Will you say that on camera?”
R: “No. You’re really a hot dog.”
M: “Gee….thanks.”

October 6, 2008

Ryan has been into using big words lately. Last night, when Aunt Carla left, he shouted out the door “Thanks for coming! It’s been excellent!”. This morning, when he took the lid off of a container by himself he exclaimed “I got it off all by myself! That was fantastic!”.

October 31, 2008

In spite of his excitemet to trick-or-treat on Halloween, Ryan’s stamina was short-lived, and he told Joseph that he was ready to go home. Joseph reminded him that he was with friends, and he needed to wait until everyone was ready to leave. At the next house, Ryan put on his official announcer’s voice:


December 4, 2008

Our family enjoyed an evening on The Polar Express and Ryan was very excited. We had our hot chocolate and cookies, heard elf jokes, and read the story of The Polar Express. Just as the book was finished, we came upon the red lights of the North Pole. The kids pressed their faces up against the window, brimming with excitment over seeing Santa. A few seconds later, one of Santa’s reindeer wranglers stopped at our seat and asked if the kids saw Santa. Ryan exclaimed “Yes, and my blankie is SO excited!!”

December 8, 2008

After loading everyone up in the car to head to preschool, Ryan took notice of Owen’s new shoes.
“Mom, Owen’s wearing his space ship shoes! Is he going to blast off?”

December 30, 2008

Ryan is a talker. He can talk your ear off. We were downstairs cleaning out old toys to make room for the things we got for Christmas, and he was talking non-stop. After about a 1/2 hour, I finally said “Ryan, do you ever stop talking?”. He gave me a look like that was the dumbest question in the world and said “Yes, I do”. “When?” I replied. “Well, at night, when I go to sleep”.

December 31, 2008

Yesterday Ryan said to me “Two loves for a kiss” and leaned over, gave me two hugs, and a kiss on the cheek. I thought it was so cute and asked him where he learned it. “Shrek”, he said, “the one with the dragon”. Later, after Joseph had come home, I told Ryan to show Daddy what he learned from Shrek. Once again he said “two loves for a kiss”, and gave Daddy two hugs and a kiss on the cheek. Neither Joseph nor I remembered that part of Shrek, so after Ryan was in bed we hopped online to search for the quote….we didn’t run across anything. This morning while Ryan was snuggling with me in bed I asked him for two loves for a kiss, and he went through the little ritual. It suddenly dawned on me where he had picked it up. The line he was quoting was not “two loves for a kiss” but “true love’s first kiss”. I like Ryan’s version better. I think we’ll keep it around.

January 4, 2009

Owen was playing with Emmy’s dolly, lovingly giving it a bottle. When Emmy saw, she became very upset. I explained to her that Owen was taking a turn and learning to be gentle. About 3 seconds later, we looked down to see Owen banging the doll’s head on the kitchen floor and then jump up and try to ride it like a horse. I guess gentle is a lesson for another day…