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A lesson in genetics

February 1, 2008

Can you tell that I have nothing better to do with my alone time this week than blog?  I’ve actually done quite a few things on my to-do list, but whenever I’m bored I seem to find myself here.  This is a fun little thing that I’ve seen floating around lately, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I first came upon this site a year or so ago, back when the “which celebrity do you look like” thing was big.  This one rates who your kids look more like.  Looks like we each got our chance to shine and decided to share on the last one!

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11 months

January 14, 2008

As of yesterday, Owen and Emmy are 11 months old! I know, I can’t belive it either! A couple of nights ago, I was looking at old pictures of Ryan and started comparing him at 11 months to these two at 11 months. It’s funny how different each baby is!

  • At 11 months, Ryan had 2 teeth….both Owen and Emmy have 7
  • At 11 months, Ryan was standing independently and taking his first steps…..Owen is just barely crawling and Emmy is just learning to pull herself into a kneeling position
  • At 11 months, Ryan was still totally into his exersaucer…..Owen and Emmy were sick of them by about 9 months
  • At 11 months, Ryan was drinking exclusively out of a sippy cup…..Owen screams when presented with one and Emmy just plays with it curiously but hasn’t discovered that something will come out if she sucks on it
  • At 11 months, Ryan was still in his infant carrier with several pounds to go before he reached the weight limit….Owen and Emmy became too heavy to carry in theirs around 5 months, and passed the weight limit around 9 1/2 months
  • At 11 months, Ryan was still not sleeping through the night…..Owen and Emmy have slept through the night since they were about 2 months old
  • At 11 months, Ryan was up and ready to play every morning around 5:00…..Owen and Emmy are content to hang out in their cribs until about 8:30 every morning
  • At 11 months, Ryan was the cutest little thing there ever was…..until Owen and Emmy came along, and now they all have to share the title!

Milestones and Upates

January 3, 2008

I’ve been in the process of moving all the posts that I had on the kids’ websites over here so that I don’t have to go to so many places to keep track of what everyone is up to…so I hope you don’t get annoyed with all of the little things that I want to remember about the kids! I haven’t updated any of their sites in quite a while, so this is going to be one long post trying to catch up on all of that!


Ryan has been SUCH a good boy lately!  He’s still the ball of energy that he always was, but his temper tantrums have come less frequently, he’s become more pleasant and helpful, and he’s communicating so much better.  I don’t know if school is finally helping, or if he’s just having a good phase (doesn’t it stink that even the good stuff is sometimes just a stage?) , but I’ve really enjoyed having him home during the Christmas break.  He really caught the spirit of Christmas this year, knowing that it’s when we celebrate Jesus’ birth, and that Santa would be coming to his house.  He’s had a lot of fun playing with his new toys and has quite the imagination.  For the last few days, he’s designated each of us as characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and has been very strict on requiring us to talk to him with the right voice!  He STILL isn’t potty trained (we’re going on 18 months now), so our monthly diaper bill is still eating up quite the chunk of money.  I feel like I’ve pulled out all the tricks I had as a special ed teacher dealing with un-potty-trained kids his age, and nothing has worked yet.  He can spell his name when asked and enjoys drawing “shapes”.  Last Sunday was his last day of nursery….it’s hard to believe how fast he’s growing up! 


Owen has had a rough month.  He has always struggled with constipation, and the last few weeks have been especially hard (pardon the pun 😆 ).   The poor kid was just so uncomfortable!  And to top that off, he’s been too lazy to figure out how to move around, so if we sat him on the floor, that’s where he stayed until he cried hard enough for someone to come and move him.  Not only could he not figure out how to get out of that sitting position, but he didn’t seem to have much desire to even try.  In the last week, we finally started seeing some progress on the constipation issue, and he figured out how to scoot a little bit.  On New Year’s Day, he hit a major milestone by crawling a short distance!  He’s much happier now that he has a bit of freedom!  He’s inherited his great-grandpa’s curly, curly hair, much to Joseph’s dismay.  Once or twice  week, I get my way and let it go natural.  The rest of the time, I have to gel it flat to his head to keep his daddy happy.  He’s got 7 teeth already and LOVES to eat!


Emmy is still our happy-go-lucky girl.  She’s got her army crawl perfected and recently spent a few days attempting a traditional crawl…and just like Owen, she finally figured it out on New Year’s Day.  She crawled a bit again the next morning, but is back to her trusty ‘ol army crawl.  She’s such a bossy little thing….if she sees someone (usually Owen) with a toy she wants, she scoots her way on over and takes it right away.  She likes to sabatoge Ryan’s train tracks and explore all over the house.  We often find her in the bathroom or under Ryan’s bed.