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Bake 52 Week 2: Bran Muffins

January 9, 2012

I’m not really a fan of bran muffins, so I wasn’t super excited for this week.  And when I read the recipe, the first thought that came to my mind was “hoity toity”.  These bran muffins are as picky as I am.  They aren’t happy with just regular ‘ol flour….they want all-purpose AND wheat flour.  They aren’t happy with just any bran…they want a particular brand of bran cereal, and only the twigs, because if you use something different they’ll be too heavy, or they won’t even taste like bran.  They don’t want two whole eggs…they want one whole and then just the yolk of the other.  Can you see where I’m going with this?  And then when I got ready to make them and realized I had forgotten plain yogurt at the store, I was about ready to throw my hands in the air.  Thankfully, America’s Test Kitchen tells me that I can sub sour cream for the yogurt.  I wasn’t about to ask the bran muffins…they would surely tell me no.

This recipe had lots of little steps and was more labor intensive than I care for.  And as if the ingredient list wasn’t snobby enough, these muffins wanted to be turned halfway through the baking period.  Geez!  At Michelle’s suggestion, I substituted raisins for chocolate chips.  There are two things that I think NEVER belong in baked goods–nuts and raisins.  I was going to make these plain, and maybe try a few with craisins for a twist, but when she suggested chocolate chips, I thought that was the most likely option to go over well with my family.

I was surprised at how good the muffins smelled while they were baking.  And the fact that they contained chocolate chips made the kids excited to try them (good call, Michelle!).  Mine didn’t look quite as pretty as those in the book, but that’s OK….we can’t all be as perfect as bran muffins.

Owen and Emmy were eating lunch when they came out of the oven and they were a great motivator to eat their carrot sticks so they could have one when they were finished.  Ryan had his when he got home from school.  What did they think?

Two thumbs up from Ryan and Owen, and one thumb up, one thumb in the middle from Emmy (which is funny because she didn’t have any problem finishing two of them).  Joseph was pretty impressed as well.  Good as they smelled, I just couldn’t bring myself to eat one right off….pregnancy, you know.  But I did sneak a bite off of one of the kids’ the next day and they weren’t bad….for bran muffins, anyway.  I probably won’t make them again, simply because I thought they were more work than they were worth.

Valerie was this week’s host…check out  her blog for the recipe!